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Professional Flooring and Upholstery Cleaning

Automobile Interior Cleaning: 

Kings of Steem provides like concierge type of automobile cleaning by coming your car at either your work or home location, and cleans your car upholstery and carpet using steam!

Kings of Steem auto interior cleaning involves the following steps:

1. Vacuum car carpet and upholstery.
2. Pre-treat stains to loosen dirt
3. Steam clean carpet, seats, and truck. For leather interiors, we will treat the leather with our cleaner and conditioner.
Optional: We also off protection, deodorizer, and enzyme treatment for an additional cost to be applied after cleaning.

Why should I choose Kings of Steem?:

Keeping your car interior clean is important not only to make your passengers feel comfortable, but also when it’s time to sell your car and get the highest trade-in value. When it comes to your car's carpet and upholstery steam-cleaning the interior is the best method in order to keeping car's interior looking new. For leather, our cleaning and conditioning processes will also ensure to extend the life of the leather within the car keeping the value and beauty of the car.

When you take your car to the local car wash yes they might wash the outside, vacuum the carpets, and detail the interior, however do they take the time to truly get all that dirt, hair, food, stains, etc. out of your carpet? Well with Kings of Steem we take the time necessary to thoroughly clean car carpets and car upholstery. We apply steam to carpet and upholstery and then suck all the dirt, stains, bacteria and contaminants out  with our truck-mounted extraction system.

Did you know that the average person spends somewhere between eight and fifteen hours in their car per week? Because you spend so much time in your vehicle, you deserve a clean and healthy environment for you, your family, and your guest passengers.

Let's be real, our vehicles contain just as much soil as our heaviest trafficked carpet in our homes. We get into the vehicle tracking in dirt and germs from city streets, parks, beaches, and sometimes worse. We eat on family road trips and spill a few crumbs here and a whole chili dog there, and still we don’t think to have the professionals come out to rid the fabric in our vehicles of all these contaminants. What does this mean? It means that car interiors need to be professionally cleaned as often, if not more often than home carpets and upholstery: every six months for dark upholstery and every three for light.

With Kings of Steem we can regulate our steam that will help get that deep clean by getting rid of dirt, germs, food particles, dog hair, etc. the list goes on. By trusting our services you can feel comfortable  in knowing that the surfaces that you and your family spend so much of your precious time in are clean and safe. With regular steam cleaning and maintenance plan Kings of Steem help keep your vehicle’s interior looking new, and by adding our fabric protector we will prevent those future spills and stains from settling in before you can get the professionals from Kings of Steem out to clean it.

Kings of Steem auto interior cleaning includes automotive fabric and leather upholstery, carpet and floor mats.

Auto Interior Upholstery Cleaning Prices: Small $95; Mid-Size $105; Large Size $120; SUV $150

Protection, Deodorizer, & Enzyme Available: Pricing varies for additional price, see online booking for price referencing

10% Discount Off All Services for Military/Veterans & First Responders